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We love our employees! You are the heart and soul of our company.

  • If you are warm and caring,
  • If you have patience, respect and a cheery outlook,
  • If you enjoy learning and want to keep learning,

Then we’d love to have you join our team!

Hear what our employees say about working at [Your Organization]:

Carmen: “What I like about [Your Organization] is that they are always encouraging us to learn. They have a newsletter every month with information to help family caregivers. We on the staff read it too, because the family is part of our care as well. I learn something new every month, and over time, it really builds up. I feel proud of [Your Organization] and how I contribute to help our clients and their families.”

Leon: “Working at [Your Organization] is like working with family. They work on building a team spirit. When I first came on board, they gave me a buddy. Someone who had been here longer and who I could talk to about the little things. Now that I’ve been here awhile, I stepped forward to be a buddy for a new guy. Plus the boss is like a coach. He’s watching out for me and giving me the chance to always do my best. That works for me. ”

Luz: “I used to work at a facility, but that wasn’t my style. They were so rigid about schedules for the residents. [Your Organization] is much better. They have the heart for the business. They understand older people and that you need to move at their pace. Working in the community gives us the flexibility to really get in sync with the client. I also like it that [Your Organization] respects us as caregivers. They can tell when you really put your all into it. My supervisor notices. It makes a difference!”

Tamika: “Our company does a really good job of matching us to the clients. They pay attention to people who have similar interests. Like me, I love to sing. So if we have any clients who like music, they pair them with me. We always find music we can enjoy together. Plus [Your Organization] really encourages me to go to college so I can become a nurse. Working for them I get to do what I love and pay my way through college. It helps to have their support.”

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